Book Your Perfect Wedding Venue with Zero Drama!


I’ve created a checklist that will help you save hundreds of dollars and bottles of antacid as you search for the perfect venue!

My checklist will help you:

  • Anticipate and avoid wedding day disasters.
  • Eliminate up to 5 unnecessary rental expenses.
  • Stop procrastinating and call your prospective venues with rockstar confidence.
  • Ease through a simple process with expert questions.
  • Don’t miss a detail with these eye-opening considerations.
  • Create your happiest day by choosing the easiest, most satisfying venue services.
  • Protect yourself from irritating extra charges and disappointing limitations.
  • Escape information overload and compare venue packages systematically.
  • Breathe easy because your big day is going to all smiles.
  • Ready to Ace Your Venue Shopping?

Questions? Contact us at hello@debbieshadid.com